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    Haematinics as Nutritional Supplements

Research & Development

The birth of neuron cells throughout Adulthood
The science of mind and body health. Amino Acid Chelation for Neuron Health.

Osteogenesis & Osteohenesis Imperfecta
The birth of OSteoblasts throughout life
The science of endoskeleton Health. Amino Acid Chelation of Calcium & trace Minerals

The birth of perfectly formed Sperms thoughout life
The science of Sperm health. Amino Acid Chealtion of Zinc.

The birth of Nephrons thoughout life.
The science of BMP basic Morphogenetic Proteins in Kidney health. Cystein, Serine & Selenomethionine Protein Chelates.

Lactoferrin (Under Development)

Product Specs

S.No Specification Typical
1 Protein (Nx6.38) min. 93.0% 94.5%
2 Moisture max. 4.5% 3.8%
3 LF on Protein min. 95.0% 96.0%
4 Ash (550°C) max. 1.0% 0.5%
5 pH (2%,20°C) 5.2-6.2 5.4
6 Bulk density 0.3g/ml
7 Solubility: in water, 20°C completely at 2%
8 Solubility: transmittance, 2%sol, 600nm min. 80% 84%

Iron binding: spectrophotometric method at 465nm (on solids)

min. 70% 74%
10 Foreign matter (10g) absent
11 Heavy metals (as lead) max. 1 mg/kg < 0.25mg/kg
12 Standard plate count max. 1,000/g 500/g
13 Enterobacteriaceae max. 10/g < 10/g
14 Yeast max. 10/g < 10/g
15 Moulds max. 10/g < 10/g
16 Staphyloccocus aureus 2x1g negative negative
17 Salmonella neg. in 50g neg. in 50g

Under Development (R&D)

Iron Quinine Citrate
Sodium Ferric Gluconate Complex in Sucrose
Heme Iron Complex
Ferric Acetyl Transferrin
Iron Chondroitinate
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