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    Haematinics as Nutritional Supplements

Our Speciality

Haematinics, A division of Puneet Laboratories is dedicated towards conducting innovative, multidisciplinary research & development in productlines related to Amino Acid Chelates and Chelation therapy that improves the human condition.

We specialize in offering our clients a spectrum of innovative drugs, API's and Formulas that encompass drug discovery, development, outcomes research, product valuation, and clinical research.

Our dedicated staff of technocrats and production heads are experienced in all phases of drug discovery, development, and have fully served the pharmaceutical industry for decades.

We believe in our Proficiency, Professional Expertise, Technological drive and Committed customer service which help us put forth an exclusively wide range of Haematinic preparations.

Our Specialty

Minerals & Bioavailability

Introduction to Minerals
Minerals as solid, crystalline substances (naturally occurring elements found in the earth), not of animal or vegetable origin. Important in this definition is the indication that their origin is not from animal or vegetable sources. Minerals for nutritional purposes cannot be synthesized by animals or plants. They must be utilized as natural elements from nature.

Importance of Minerals
The following table shows various systems in the body which utilize trace minerals. Research is showing that imbalances or deficiencies in trace mineral nutrition can affect these systems.

System Trace Minerals
Immune System Cu, Zn, Fe, Se
Energy Production Mg, P, Mn
Hormone System Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, Mg, K
Vitamin Production Co
Blood Production Cu, Fe
Enzyme Systems Zn, Cu, Mn, Mg, Fe
Reproduction P, Cu, K, Mn, Zn, Mg

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