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    Haematinics as Nutritional Supplements

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Antagonisms Between Minerals
Yes. Looking below at the mineral wheel, whenever a mineral has an arrow pointing to another mineral, it indicates interference exists. This is caused by imbalances of one mineral or the other. The antagonism can cause problems with mineral utilization.

This is important because it relates to mineral balance. Not only are levels of minerals important, but the ratio of one mineral to another can affect final use. For instance, we know that high levels of molybdenum found in soils can tie up copper. Ultimately this affects the ratio of copper in the body systems.

Bioavailability & Its Importance
"Bioavailability of a mineral element implies the availability of that element to some organism for body use."
It is important because all nutrition must be available to various body systems for growth, maintenance, reproduction, and other performance factors. No matter how high the nutrient levels or how well formulated the product, if it is not available at the cellular level, then money and effort have been wasted.

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